Meet the team!

Huzefa Johar

Before Huzefa established his company, Kontriga, he dreamt of going to planet Krypton, befriending the aliens, and learning their rules and habits. In his fantasy world, he always sees himself in unique and unfamiliar environments and envisions life as it might have been had things been different. When on Earth, he overlooks and manages projects for Kontriga, creates user onboarding for Saas applications and online services, writes scripts for product video tutorials, and helps companies reduce support costs. His adventurous streak helps him provide out-of-the-box solutions and this is evident in his work.

Mariyam Abdullah

Mariyam enjoys tormenting micro-organisms by messing up their genome. Her secret ambition is to create a new kind of superhero which she calls 'mosquito man'. When not indulging in her weird fantasies, Mariyam helps biotech and life science companies create effective employee training program and intuitive end-user documentation.

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